my sincerest apologies for taking such a lengthy hiatus. i have been spending more time on tumblr. catch up with me there and on twitter.


taking off.

another great thing about living in vancouver…direct flights to lihue, kauai. yes, big red and i are taking off on another adventure.

big red.

while packing i found a lone ethiopian green coffee bean in my bag from my last trip. i wonder how long i will be finding sand from this trip!

big smoke was the best packing/’the descendants’ watching companion. thank you russell and storm brewing for this incredible craft beer!

big smoke ale.

big salad to go with my big smoke. in order to rid my fridge of perishables/produce before i left, i consumed a delicious and ridiculously huge amount of greens.

big salad.

good bye blundstones…hello birkenstocks!

silver linings.

perspective, persistence and patience – this is what my move to the west coast has taught me. also, that happiness lives within me, no matter where i am. took me a lot of inner turmoil to realize and embrace such a simple lesson.

everyday, in a subtle or often incredibly humbling way, i am astounded by the natural beauty of this part of canada.

here is just a taste of some of my silver linings:

autumn colours…


a hike in lighthouse park…

west van view.

fresh prints in a very rare snowfall…

fresh prints.

lurking, all-consuming fog…


signs of spring (in early february!)…


road trip to tofino (unimaginable beauty!)…tofino.

crescent beach, a perfect afternoon…

kala and crescent beach.

albertan nostalgia.

even with all the gorgeous and incredible moments living on the west coast has given me…i still miss my ol’ prairie backyard.

an ode to alberta, a beautiful province indeed.

a subtle aha moment.

i moved to vancouver to be challenged, pushed and to regain my independence amid my two year relationship (and of course to be closer to my nephew). although my stress level has gone up – i’d say i have succeeded in all of those areas. vancouver has been very good to me, connecting and employing me with so many great people and opportunities. so, why do i feel half full? …because i don’t have the person i love to share it with. cliche, i know.

it seems i did not give my relationship enough credit before. i didn’t realize how great we had it – the grass is always greener, isn’t it!

in order to regain balance and mindfulness i have started taking vippassna meditation classes.  i recognized the need to shift my focus, from living for a future that may never come to embracing the moment. i found it far easier said than done.

bc may or may not be my home for much longer, but no matter what i decide i know i will make it with pride. it’s been a difficult thing for me to come to terms with, but i understand now that it would not be failing, it’s a choice.

cooking for one isn’t quite what it used to be. my commitment phobic-self is still baffled by this realization.

can we really ever have it all?

personal furnace.

‘when i come home cold and tired, it’s good to warm my bones beside the fire’

today we tack on another year to my beloved.

(honey, you are officially late twenties!)

i wish i was there so we could celebrate…rather i wish he was here. luckily we have seattle and portishead to look forward to in a week!

i miss his arms, and the heat that constantly radiates off his body. my skin has never known so many goosebumps.

i am so thankful to have him in my life. i look forward to making many more memories and birthdays to celebrate.  here is my ode to, matt.

thank you, edmonton.

within the 15 minutes that beautiful blue skies covered vancouver, i was inspired to create a section of my blog dedicated to pieces of my life which i am most thankful for. it’s been a hard transition, moving from alberta to bc…but what has kept my chin up has been the wonderful people, memories and experiences in my life.

i’ll start by showing my gratitude to, edmonton.

without those 7 years that we spent together, i could not have become the person i am today…there is no way i would be where i am today without you. edmonton is the perfect place to be when in a state of transition. it seems to connect you to the right people and experiences; it brings forth character building challenges. i never called it home and am confident that i will never move back, but it has an incredibly large place in my heart.

i find myself urning for: it’s friendly inhabitants; house shaking thunderstorms; dadeo’s sweet potato fries; walks through the river valley; langano skies (the food and the people); stark differences in seasons; plentitude of summer festivals; strathcona farmers market; beer selection at wunderbar and sherbrooke liquor store; and believe it or not the snow storms that make you stay inside and enjoy tea, comfort food and warming cuddles.

here is my visual ode to, edmonton.

edmonton, i miss you.